Random thoughts on Family..

Oh how I love going to my grandmothers house.  The smells are familiarly soft, it feels comfortable.  The generous love my grandmother has given me radiates in my mind every time I picture that big white house on the hill.  But, you know, that sweet house filled with memories, does not a family make.   Family is much more, it is people.

In the very same way, the church is not a place.  It is a people.  A people who love one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, proclaim the good news and relieve suffering of those around them.

We experienced church as family for the first time.  The people of God gathered together living  on mission.  Our lives looked different, our marriage was different.  Everything changed because we were part of this family, this church.  God used it and we had no choice but to change.   During those early years and since Drue Phillips wrote songs for us to sing in worship to Jesus.  These songs were a result of the work God was doing in lives.   Drue’s life, our lives, the lives of those around us.   He recently recorded those songs.  No Choice But to Change is a beautiful telling of our story and the story of so many others.

This is a part of our story.  Our history.  Really it’s HIS-story.  Check out the music and hear the beautiful story God is writing.

Stay tuned… because His story is still being orchestrated in our lives, through our new community here in Southern California.

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I am a woman,wife, mother, friend, child, sister, and most of all redeemed by God. Often, I have random thoughts about any and all of these. I'm passionate about Jesus and my family. I heart being crafty. I love being organized but I struggle with staying that way. I have a masters degree that I've never used in an official paid capacity. I was a social worker before having children. I've been married to my best friend nearly all of my adult life. And I often post things before proof reading. Please forgive me in advance for grammar errors.
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One Response to Random thoughts on Family..

  1. gwen says:

    awesome Tracy!
    We are looking forward to being a part of a missional community soon as well here in olympia.
    I will check out Drue’s music!