Cards, friends, chocolate.

Oh Happy Valentine’s Day.  So many people rebel against Valentine’s day saying it’s overly commercialized and we should eat chocolate and tell others how much we love them all the time, not just today… I agree… But I also like having an extra day set aside to reiterate our love for each other…uh, AND to eat some extra chocolate.

My favorite childhood memory of Valentine’s Day was from when I was 7 years old.  This was the only year we lived in the same town as any of my Grandparents.  They never really lived far just not in the same exact same town.   After a great day of exchanging valentines and I’m not sure what else we learned that day, I rode the school bus to my grandma’s house for an overnight visit.  I always took my Scholastic book orders to her house because My grandpa would pull out a few dollars from his wallet and help me pick a few books to order.

We homeschool our children and I wanted to make sure my kids had fun memories of telling others they love them, enjoying some sweet treats… So today we went to our weekly class and brought Valentine’s with us to share with friends!   But they also woke up this morning to a small gift from mommy and daddy!    We love them and want them to know it every day and sometimes to do extra special things to communicate our love.

This year I went way out of my creative comfort zone and made cards.   This is a HUGE stretch for me.  I love to cut and sew fabric but paper, stamps, die cuts all that really gives me a large amount of anxiety.  I don’t find it relaxing at all.  When a friend invited me to hang with some girls and make Valentine’s cards, I almost declined for the 3rd year in a row.  But I went, had a great time and felt good to give my kids handmade cards this year.

At Breakfast my boy even said “mommy, I just want to do one thing today… take you on a date!”  How did I get so blessed, amazing love of my life, best friend and husband all rolled in one handsome package; three beautiful children and a Glorious God whom has shown more love than I can ever fathom.

Cheers to love, handmade cards, exchanging valentines with friends and eating extra bites of chocolate! My Heart is full.

How do you Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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One Response to Cards, friends, chocolate.

  1. gwen says:

    Justin and I don’t make it a big deal for him and I, but for the kids I wanted to make sure they felt special! I made them valentines and waffles for breakfast. It was fun to watch dahlia make all her classmates handmade valentines! Any reason to celebrate love or life is a good one. (: We didn’t do a lot of celebrating anything growing up so I want to make sure my kids love life and find excuses to celebrate people!