Year three of Home School coming to a close

Well our third year of official home school is coming to a close.  This year Natalie learned to read, she worked through her basic addition and subtraction in math.  Then there is the Classical Conversations work we did.  Oh, where to begin with that.  She memorized most of the states and capitals, the presidents, the Preamble to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, loads of irregular verb conjugations, grammar definitions, skip counting facts and math conversions, she began learning a new timeline of human history as well.  We covered a lot more material that she did not completely commit to long term memory yet…some of it we are still working on even though our CC year has ended. She has determined to master all of her memory work for next year and I’m going to help her.

Jameson swept me off my feet with how much he memorized as well this year, I’d estimate about 70% of what his sister learned which was astonishing for a 4 year old!  He’s half way finished with his kindergarten math and will be learning to read over the summer.

I’ve already ordered her cycle 1 memory work and we will begin working on the updated timeline and finish learning the math facts she has yet to commit to long term memory.   I have my summer homework set before me.  I have ordered this lapbook for cycle 1.  I think that my crafty kids will enjoy putting these together and will help reinforce the memory work and aid in committing the information to long term memory.   There is a current giveaway for the lapbook if you hurry you can enter to get one free!  It is a .pdf that you are able to download and print out and use for your whole family.

This summer will be lots of trips to the library, reading and reading and reading, as well as some math review!

I’m excited about building out more of our little home school this coming year and I’m super excited about the number of close friends that we have who have chosen to jump on the home school bus with us this fall!

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  1. Bria says:

    I had fun browsing through your entries! I’m a fellow crafty Christian mama to a toddler boy, and I love reading about other people’s craft ideas and homeschooling :)